Minerva Labs create a critical layer on the endpoint to prevent threats that evade existing defenses. Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform deceives the malware, controlling how it perceives its environment, thwarting the attack before the need to engage costly security resources. Minerva boosts customers’ existing defenses without the need to embark upon a costly and risky overhaul of their entire endpoint security architecture. Learn more at www.minerva-labs.com.


Whitepaper: How & Why Your Anti-Malware Strategy Should Evolve Beyond AV

In this whitepaper you will discover the reasons why evasion techniques work, even with a layered defense approach and how to evolve your endpoint protection strategy, to cover the gap.

Why Join the Minerva Values Partner Program?

It’s time to go on the offense and stop playing catch up with your customers who are chasing malware that has already infiltrated their systems. The Minerva Valued Partner Program (MVP²) is designed to help you protect and retain your customers by helping them realize value in their existing infrastructure without having to rip and replace costly security infrastructure.

Brochure: Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform

Evasive malware avoids detonating in sandboxes or forensic environments, hides in memory of legitimate processes, employs scripts and document files, and relies on other techniques that bypass traditional and next-gen security measures. Learn how to block threats that evade your existing defenses.

SANS Institute Product Review

Attackers routinely use evasion to evade baseline anti-malware tools and ultimately compromise endpoints. See how Minerva Labs’ Anti-Evasion Platform performed in the SANS Institute test.