Scale Computing is a leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions worldwide. HC3 eliminates traditional virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage. The platform is self-healing, automatically identifying and correcting infrastructure problems in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime. When ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO matter, Scale Computing HC3 is the ideal infrastructure solution. Learn more at


Scale Computing Partners Are On The Winning Edge

Scale Computing was awarded the top 5-Star rating in CRN's 2019 Partner Program Guide. Download the CRN advertorial to find out how Scale Computing helps you deliver simplicity, availability and scalability at the edge.

Scale Computing Partner Program Overview

In this overview you'll learn about the Scale Computing Partner Program and how we support your organization with investments across the board in sales, marketing, support, training, transactions, and more.

Introduction to Scale Computing

In this Introduction to Scale Computing you'll find everything you need to know about the company changing the IT Infrastructure landscape.

Scale Computing HC3 Product Brochure

HC3 from Scale Computing is the simple, scalable, highly-available appliance solution for modern virtualization. Learn about features, functionality, configurations, pricing, and more in the HC3 Product Brochure.