CloudHealth is the world’s most trusted software platform for accelerating business transformation in the cloud. Now part of VMware, CloudHealth is the platform of choice for more than 7,000 leading enterprises and service providers globally that rely on it to manage cost, ensure security compliance, improve governance and automate actions across multicloud environments.


Research Study: State of the Cloud for Managed Service Providers

Forrester Consulting finds that as companies look beyond cost, multicloud holds the key to future growth. A September 2019 commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CloudHealth by VMware. Read the full study to learn key recommendations for MSP success.

2019 "Partner of the Year" winners

Read this blog for highlights from another banner year for the CloudHealth by VMware partner program, and which outstanding managed service providers won top honors for CloudHealth's 2019 "Partner of the Year" awards.

Cloud Service Management: Making the Right Choice

Service provider success hinges on having the tools and resources in place that enable you to boost efficiency, differentiate your offerings, and increase profitability. This guide breaks down what MSPs should look for in a cloud management partner and helps determine if it's time to switch from your current solution.

Optimizing Your Cloud Environment With Groupware Tech

Groupware Technology wants customers to optimize their cloud environment so as they grow, they grow in a controlled fashion and with confidence. Groupware needed a platform for multi-tenant cloud billing, and the ability to layer management services on top of it. When another cloud management partner wasn’t servicing their needs, Groupware turned to CloudHealth.