The CloudGenix software-defined WAN with AppFabric technology allows you to define a global WAN with top-down policies based on business intent rather than fragmented bottoms-up networking configuration. With CloudGenix, you can integrate heterogeneous WAN connections at any site, confidently deploy cloud and SaaS applications globally, improve app performance visibility and SLAs, and simplify network operations. Learn more at


Why SD-WAN Is Not Enough

In order to recognize the full potential of SD-WAN, businesses need a solution that fundamentally understands application performance.

Software-Defined WAN for the Enterprise

Deploy and manage any WAN using policies built on business intent.

Ensuring a Consistent Security Perimeter with CloudGenix AppFabric

CloudGenix AppFabric ensures a consistent security perimeter for every site in the enterprise in the midst of constantly changing WAN.

Next-Generation Retail Powered by CloudGenix

CloudGenix enables the next wave of innovation for retail businesses.