Edge computing is an IT architecture designed to put applications and data closer to the users or “things” that need them. By putting applications closer to those consuming the data it is cause for more distributed IT infrastrucures. We at APC by Schneider Electric know, you need resiliency at the edge.


What do we mean by Resiliency at the Edge?

Kevin Brown, SVP Innovation and CTO for Schneider Electric’s IT Division, shares his insights on why server rooms and edge closets dominate system availability and why these mission critical micro data centers, if not designed and managed correctly, could be your weakest link.

Become Edge Certified, with APC by Schneider Electric

Whether you are a current partner or new to our offer, expand your area of expertise with our new Edge Computing Certification.

IoT and Edge Computing Create Channel Partner Opportunities

As your clients’ needs grow, so too does your potential for business growth. By partnering with us, you can transition the complex demands of IoT into immediate revenue and service opportunities across remote IT locations, while simultaneously improving the operations and performance of distributed IT environments in three key ways

Certainty for Customers. Simplicity and Profitability for Partners.

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