Igneous is the SaaS data management solution for file intensive environments. Data-centric enterprises trust Igneous to provide visibility, protection, and movement at scale. Igneous’ API-enabled, cloud-native solution combines all data management functions allowing organizations to fully tap the value of their unstructured data, while reducing risk and optimizing IT resources.


The True Cost of Cold Data

Igneous examined the range of costs for both primary storage and backup compared to the cost of an effective archive solution were shocking. Show your customers how you can save them money by reducing their spend on unstructured data by as much as 50%.

SaaS Backups, from any NAS and at any scale

Help your customers protect their unstructured data with DataProtect. While other backup platforms don't scale in file-heavy environments, DataProtect can protect billions of files and exabytes of data. Where proprietary solutions are expensive and deepen vendor lock-in, Igneous' universal interoperability and as-a-Service simplicity can protect data from any NAS platform, letting your customers meet their SLAs without wasting money.

Case Study

PAIGE’s mission to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer through machine learning requires an extremely large dataset of high resolution slide images. The team needed to not only protect all of this unstructured data, but also programmatically move and process small subsets of the overall dataset on demand for high performance computations.

Igneous Overview

In the modern, data-driven economy, IT professionals are being squeezed from all sides. The unstructured data within a single large organization can easily total billions of files and petabytes of data.