Confidence. It comes with knowing you’ve got the right cybersecurity by your side in an ever-changing digital world. Kaspersky’s ability to stop cyberattacks is legendary, but our partners know that award-winning endpoint protection is just the beginning: We train employees to be a powerful front line of defense. We proactively hunt threats and provide post-attack digital forensics. And thanks to our unique global reach, we capture global, contextual threat intelligence that saves networks—and resources. Secure a safer tomorrow for your customers with products and services from the world’s most awarded cybersecurity.”


Kaspersky United Partner Program

We understand that every partner’s business is unique. That is why the Kaspersky United Partner Program is tailored to suit the needs of different businesses. Whether you’re a software reseller, system integrator, managed service provider or security service provider – Kaspersky United offers great partnership opportunities.

Be More - Specialize with Kaspersky and gain benefits!

Apply for a specialization and benefit from dedicated support from the Kaspersky team. We’ll help you win more customers—at better margins!

Pardon The Integration: Kaspersky- Smarten Up Your Cyber Threat Intelligence

Data breaches more than tripled in 2020, and the shortage of cybersecurity professionals continues. That’s why now is the perfect time to give customers a truly proactive approach to cybersecurity. Help them see threats coming with Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Services.

Kaspersky Security Powers MSP Partner Profitability

Learn more about how Kaspersky protects MSPs through the pandemic and how you secure your future by partnering with an industry leader.
You’ll also hear directly from an MSP about why they chose Kaspersky over all other endpoint protection vendors and how their partnership has evolved.