Software AG is an industry-leading integration, IoT, analytics, and business transformation company. We drive enterprise innovation by connecting and integrating any technology - from app to edge or cloud - accelerating time to value. Trusted by 70 percent of the Fortune 1000 with 10,000 customers in 70 countries, Software AG is the $1 billion application integration and IoT industry leader providing partners the unprecedented opportunity for growth and profitability. Learn more.


Introduction to Software AG Partner Strategy

In this short video, Jason Johns, GM Global Alliance and Channels at Software AG, walks you through the API Management, Integration and IOT market opportunities and how a trusted partnership with Software AG can help grow your business and increase your profits.

Unlock Potential and Profits with Software AG webMethods

Software AG's WebMethods is used by the world's fastest companies. Feel the power of the only leading platform for app integration, API management, B2B and IoT. Get the key to unlock the cloud and the digital universe and open the door to digital transformation.

How to Transform Your Business with APIs, Integration & Microservices

This eBook examines how APIs and integration technologies can help your business unlock innovation and solve its most pressing transformation initiatives. APIs play an important role in creating the connections that employees, partners, and customers demand, but publishing APIs alone is not enough. Developing a strategy built on APIs and integration technology will help your organization’s transformation and modernization efforts.

Open Industry 4.0 Use Cases

View Cumulocity IoT use cases for Industry 4.0 initiatives. Examples include remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and visualizations with digital twins, all to gain more efficiencies for the factory floor.