Flexential is committed to building trusted relationships, providing valuable support, delivering tailored solutions with reliable performance to its partners and customers. As a complete hybrid IT provider, Flexential delivers colocation, connectivity, cloud, managed solutions, professional services, and disaster recovery services. They help organizations optimize IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability, compliance, and security. Flexential’s robust suite of assets spans 21 markets and comprises 40 highly redundant and connectivity-rich data centers.


Corporate Overview Datasheet

Learn more about Flexential's offerings in the Corporate Overview datasheet.

Hybrid Edge Computing Gorilla Guide

This guide provides an introduction to edge computing, runs through practical use cases for understanding how edge computing works today, and gives top tips for being successful at the edge.

Flexential Solutions Guide

Flexential is a complete hybrid IT solutions provider offering colocation, cloud, connectivity, managed solutions, professional services and disaster recovery solutions. See all of Flexential’s offerings in the Flexential Solutions Guide.

FlexAnywhere™ Brochure

FlexAnywhere™ isn't just another data center solution. It's the centerpiece of Flexential's high-speed, private, secure network. Our industry-leading 100 Gpbs network backbone is scalable to 400 Gbps allowing us to place resources one hop away from where your customers need them, ensuring high performance, low latency and maximum reliability for your customers' applications.