VMware’s Cloud Provider program, now part of Partner Connect, is designed to help cloud providers and partners build agile, robust, and flexible cloud services that are truly enterprise-ready. As enterprises embrace a multi-cloud strategy, you have the opportunity to play a key role in helping simplify the complexity of today’s distributed, cloud-based world. To take advantage of that opportunity, you need to be able to focus more on high-value cloud services, and less on the complexities of managing infrastructure and custom tools. VMware delivers key innovations as part of the VMware Cloud Provider Platform to help you improve time to market, decrease cost of operations, and deliver differentiated services—from DRaaS to multi-tenant public clouds to a developer-ready cloud.


VMware Cloud Provider Platform

VMware Cloud Provider Platform enables cloud providers to build agile, robust, and flexible cloud services that are truly enterprise-ready. 

VMware Cloud Verified

Cloud Verified providers are ready to bolster business with the world's leading cloud infrastructure delivered as a service. Now more than ever, the ability to seamlessly run, manage, connect and secure applications across private and public clouds in a common operating environment is a necessity.

NSX Firewall as a Service for Cloud Providers

Lack of effective security is the number one reason enterprises decide not to use a managed cloud service, according to IDC . So there’s a great opportunity right now, for VMware Service Providers to offer zero trust firewall-as-a-service.

VMware Cloud Director Service

VMware Cloud Director service is a unique and differentiated SaaS solution to help VMware Cloud Providers deliver new services, differentiate offerings, increase efficiency, expand globally and onboard customers onto VMware Cloud on AWS.