WekaIO helps companies manage, scale and futureproof their data center so they can solve big problems. WekaIO built the world’s fastest shared and parallel file system on new architecture optimized for flash that leapfrogs legacy storage infrastructures by delivering the best performance density at any scale, for a fraction of the cost. With the most flexible deployment models, the storage software is a modern file system designed for modern I/O intensive and extreme technical computing workloads.


Top 5 Reasons to Partner with WekaIO and Win

Learn about the Top 5 Reason to Partner with WekaIO. We are 100% channel-centric and will work with our resellers to enable their success in selling WekaIO Matrix, world's fastest file system.

Get Off Your NAS Infographic

The conventional wisdom of adding more enterprise NAS no longer delivers a competitive advantage. While easy to deploy, these systems were not designed for the performance and scale required by modern user workloads. Adding a flash tier improves performance, but system complexity and scalability remain key challenges. WekaIO has a better approach that delivers dynamic and independent scaling of performance and capacity.

WekaIO Matrix™ for AI and Analytics

WekaIO Matrix is the world’s fastest and most scalable file system for these data intensive applications, whether hosted on premises or in the public cloud.

Infographic: Reduce Time to Insights for AI Workflows

At a glance, learn how WekaIO Matrix can reduce time to insights for AI workloads.