ZOOM International exists to elevate every encounter for contact centers. Our software captures customer sentiment at the point of contact, providing actionable insights for improving customer experience, optimizing agent effectiveness and maintaining compliance.
No other WEM software provides a full 360-degree view of omnichannel interactions, survey results, customer sentiment, and quality reviews in a single place the way ZOOM does.
We serve over 2,200 customers and partners worldwide, ranging from sub-100 agent contact centers to brands like IBM, HCA, Finansbank, Tata Sky, Generali, Allianz, and Vodafone spanning 90 Countries.


Whitepaper: The Future of Compliance

Cyber-attacks and breaches continue to target high profile companies, new legislation is being introduced across the globe, aimed at changing the rules related to customer data protection and transparency. Peruse our white paper to learn more about how the rules of compliance is changing and how to arm your company to keep pace with emerging requirements.

ZOOM Products and Services

ZOOM's Voice of the Customer will enable you to collect, measure, and analyze feedback related to the experience your agent provides so that you have the most accurate assessment of how your customers feel. Watch our video to learn more!

Elevēo Product Demo

Elevēo WFM is a new cloud based workforce management forecasting & scheduling solution for smaller contact centers and back-office teams. Elevēo is pay per use, easy to use and better than using spreadsheets to schedule your agents. Watch our video to learn more!

Meet ZOOM's customers

With an 88 NPS from over 800 surveys from customers & partners, ZOOM loves our partners as much as we love our customers.