CyberGRX is on a mission to modernize third-party cyber risk management. Built on the market’s first third-party cyber risk exchange, CyberGRX’s dynamic and scalable approach is innovating TPCRM for the enterprises. Armed with fast and accurate data, CyberGRX customers make rapid, informed decisions and confidently engage with partners.


CyberGRX Partner Program Brochure

The CyberGRX Partner Program provides global partners with a range of benefits, profit opportunities, marketing support, and customer reach. Read more about how CyberGRX partners can successfully make TPCRM a key part of their IT security portfolio.

CyberGRX Solution Brochure

Overview of the CyberGRX solution, the benefits it provides for third-party risk managers, and the problems that it can solve for enterprises and third parties.

Third-Party Cyber Risk Management 101 eBook

Third-party cyber risk management is a complex task for any enterprise. This eBook will provide a 101-level walk through of best practices for creating and maintaining a scalable, effective and enterprise-grade vendor risk management program.

Blackstone Customer Case Study

Learn more about how CyberGRX assisted one of the world's leading investment firms to gain visibility on the risk their vendors posed, how they were able to scale their TPCRM program, and the advanced capabilities and lowered costs they achieved.