Simple. Affordable. Instantly Revocable. Zero Trust Data Security. Anchor Your Data.
Information is our most valuable asset. Network-centric security has failed to protect it. Today, when sensitive information is shared or stolen it can be copied instantly anywhere in the world and abused. We’ve lost control of our most valuable asset. Anchor is how we take it back.


Protecting Unstructured Data

Unstructured data such as the documents, spreadsheets, and other regular files we use every day are harder to protect and put companies at risk of losing sensitive data. Anchor makes protecting unstructured data easy and affordable.

CMMC Data Protection

The Department of Defense requires CMMC compliance for contractors and subcontractors. Anchor delivers CMMC data protection without changing the way your customers operate or disrupting their business.

Neutralize Doxware

Doxware is the new ransomware and your customers are at risk. Anchor uses the attacker’s own playbook against them to neutralize doxware. It’s like ransomware for the good guys.

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