StorONE is redefining expectations in performance, results, functionality, convenience and cost. StorONE provides enterprise-class functionality, high performance, and high capacity. With more than 50 patents awarded in its first seven years of deep technical development, StorONE is completely changing the perception of storage from an IT cost center to a resource that provides organizations with key competitive advantages.


S1:All-Flash Performance Report

The S1:All-Flash is the world’s first Optane Array. It enables enterprises of all sizes to take full advantage of Intel®’s Optane™ technology. It uses Optane™ as storage, not as cache, providing terabytes of high performance, reads and writes to improve the response time of every application connected to it. Our lab report provides an overview of the Optane Array solution and details on how, using midrange servers, can deliver over 1 million read IOPS with just three Optane™ drives and sustain over 300k write IOPS while under heavy load.

Product Brief: StorONE All-Flash is a storage solution provided by StorONE and built entirely with Intel products. It uses an Intel appliance that automatically tiers data between an Intel® Optane™storage layer for high-performance and Intel QLC layer for high capacity. The result is a solution that outperforms traditional all-flash arrays yet costs significantly less.


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StorONE Overview and Technical Specifications

StorONE S1 consolidates all of your storage systems into ONE optimized platform. Its patented storage algorithms maximize the performance of all storage devices, achieving unparalleled efficiency, and S1’s exceptional data protection design guarantees an uncompromising level of reliability. StorONE’s innovative software delivers a future proof solution that works on all platforms and provides an enterprise storage solution built for the needs of any data center.