Fortinet empowers our partners’ business with best-in-breed security solutions that fit any environment or security requirement. The Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver features that address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments – a dynamic combination that drives customer confidence, competence, and partner sales.


Security Fabric White Paper

Driven by the desire to move faster at global scale and to transform customer experiences, companies are reconsidering how they run their businesses—and digital transformation (DX) is at the forefront. Despite the wide-ranging business advantages DX offers, it also comes with new challenges. Specifically, as DX touches myriad technological aspects and extends from the data center and enterprise campus to the edges of the network and cloud, the network perimeter essentially dissolves, exposing additional risks while ratcheting up the complexity of an already-complex security architecture.

eBook: The Network Leader’s Guide to Secure SD-WAN

Many organizations that are in the midst of digital transformation (DX) initiatives for their distributed businesses are seeking to replace their outdated wide-area network (WAN) infrastructures. The high cost and complexities of reliable wide-area connectivity over traditional carrier-based networks is driving most decision-makers toward some form of software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN). Fortinet Secure SD-WAN delivers both networking and security capabilities in a unified solution. It supports application performance, consolidated management, and advanced protection against threats

Securing Dynamic Cloud Environments

Organizations are increasingly deploying a variety of workloads across multiple clouds. In turn, business-critical data and services are increasingly scattered across this distributed infrastructure. Using the shared responsibility model as a guiding principle, enterprises rely on cloud providers to protect the network, storage, and computing layers, while enterprises (end-users) own the security for everything that is built, deployed, or stored in the cloud. Due to multi-cloud adoption, most enterprises maintain heterogenous environments, with tools from each cloud platform differing significantly.

Why Fortinet for your SMB Security Practice

Today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are going digital like never before—but they need help staying secure. Moving to cloud-based apps and infrastructure—plus connecting with customers through digital marketing and mobile apps—is inherently fraught with security and compliance risks, which can lead to data breaches and costly fines.