Scale Computing is a leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions worldwide. HC3® eliminates the need for traditional virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage. The platform is self-healing, automatically correcting infrastructure problems in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime. When ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO matter, Scale Computing HC3 is the ideal infrastructure solution.


About Scale Computing

Scale Computing is one of the earliest innovators in hyperconverged infrastructure and edge computing. The goal of Scale Computing was simple: change the way the industry thinks about IT infrastructure.

Going Small to Get Big: White Paper

While many pundits talked about how big hyperconvergence can scale, Scale Computing worked secretly in the background to drive inefficiency out of their architecture in an effort to scale down, while everyone else scaled up.

HC3 Edge Success Story: Delhaize

Delhaize needed to be sure that it had the computing infrastructure necessary in each store to provide the best shopping experience for its customers. That's where Scale Computing and Lenovo came in.

Scale Computing Partner Community Overview

The Scale Computing Partner Community (SPC) is a pivotal part of shared, long-term success. As a part of the Partner Community, you are helping to grow your business alongside Scale Computing.