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February Channel Chiefs Advertorial

Now is the time to engage Ingram Micro and scale your success. From the simple to the complex, our Channel Chiefs - and the teams they lead - are eager listen and find more ways to grow together at the speed of need and even faster!

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Staying up to date isn’t enough—to be truly successful, you’ve got to keep ahead by getting connected to the next big things before they become mainstream. Get started by visiting Ingram Micro’s website,, where you’ll get fast, easy access to the latest industry trends and information about Ingram Micro solutions, tools and services, all customized to suit your business needs. It’s your first stop on the journey to transforming your business, standing apart from your competition, maximizing your capabilities and closing deals faster.

Are you a Sally Sale or a Bobby Bail?

Hey tech resellers: Meet Sally Sale and Bobby Bail. Read about their sales journeys that start the same - but end up very differently. Which one are you when the deal's on the line?

Increase your Buying Power with Financial Services from Ingram Micro

Solution providers know that to beat the competition and win deals, they need to boost their buying power with flexible, competitive financing and credit options. Ingram Micro’s Credit and Financial Services portfolio offers a comprehensive set of financial offerings custom-built to help IT channel partners capture more sales and minimize risk.