WekaIO (Weka) offers the world's fastest shared parallel file system, WekaFS™, which leapfrogs legacy storage infrastructures by delivering unmatched performance at scale at a fraction of the cost. Weka helps tackle the most demanding storage performance challenges for data-intensive technical computing workloads such as AI/ML, analytics, and HPC, so that customers can solve real problems that positively impact the world. Optimized for NVMe flash and hybrid cloud, WekaFS accelerates time-to-insight from mountains of data and helps customers get the most out of their high-powered IT investments.


Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Weka and Win

Learn about the Top 5 Reason to Partner with WekaIO. We are 100% channel-focused and will work with our resellers to enable their success in selling WekaFS, the world's fastest file system, ultimately solving the world's greatest challenges.

WekaFS on AWS: Faster Deep Learning and Analytics

Managing large amounts of data is challenging when the AI training system spans multiple GPU nodes. WekaFS runs on i3 EC2 instances presenting a shared POSIX file system to the GPU servers and delivering sufficient performance to keep data intensive applications compute bound. WekaFS is a fully parallel and distributed file system,both data and metadata are distributed across the entire storage infrastructure to ensure massively parallel access.

Infographic: Accelerate M&E Workflows with WekaFS on AWS

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is evolving at a very fast pace. Organizations must adapt to motion tracking, rotoscoping and keying, special effects, animation, color correction, higher frame rates, and transitions to higher resolutions. The storage demands of post-production from multi-camera capabilities, stereoscopic virtual reality content capture, higher dynamic range, and increased color depth are stretching traditional on-premises storage and server architectures to their limits. WekaFS on AWS solution can be flexibly configured to be all-in-the-cloud or as a hybrid solution.

Top 5 Reasons: Why WekaFS on AWS

Cloud technology has had a profound impact on how organizations build and scale IT infrastructure. CIOs historically have been forced to forecast their infrastructure needs in advance, resulting in purchasing for peak needs and overprovisioning expensive resources. WekaFS on the AWS platform enables IT agility through on-demand compute and storage. The WekaFS is a software only storage solution leveraging the AWS platform to deliver industry leading file performance at sub-millisecond latencies. This solution allows businesses to realize the promise of elastic computing at massive scale.