To help you maintain business continuity and prevent downtime, Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of backup power and distribution equipment, protecting you from a host of threats, including power outages, surges and lightning strikes. Eaton also provides a suite of power management products to enable you to monitor and control your power infrastructure


Why partner with Eaton?

The Why Partner with Eaton landing page empasizes the priority of the partner and ensures partner success focusing on revenue creation of the partner and long-term growth. This page also highlights partners quotes and key market differentiators.

Power Management Software- Brightlayer Data Centers suite webpage

With our Brightlayer Data Centers suite, IT & data center managers fix issues as they happen—or prevent them entirely. This site shows the full portfolio of software solutions that reliably aggregate data, monitor and manage end-to-end IT and power infrastructures, predict maintenance and optimize performance.

Cyber Defense Strategy for Power Equipment

Learn how Eaton can help you build a strong foundation designed to ensure operational success and safety in the wake of increasing cyber threats.

Cybersecurity focus e-book

Learn how Eaton's Gigabit Network card reduces cybersecurity risks.The Gigabit Network card is the first in the industry to meet both International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) cybersecurity requirements. Learn how to protect your power equipment from cyber attackers using tools in this e-book.