We help you build a more efficient and rewarding power management practice. There may be other partner programs out there - but you won't find one that's more rewarding. That's because we see things from a unique perspective: yours. We know your customers look to you to help them keep their businesses up and running and designing the right solution for the right application. So we've created a program that provides the elements you need, with the support you want and the rewards you deserve.


Why Partner with Eaton?

Eaton's award winning partner program ensures the success of your business by providing ways to increase your revenue and instill long-term growth.

PowerAdvantage Partner Brochure

Where you don’t have to be a power expert to reap big rewards. Eaton understands that solution providers have a lot to juggle. And while it’s impossible for you to be an expert on all product lines, your customers rely on you to provide a complete solution—including power protection. We are there every step of the way to educate and empower you and help you win.

4 Ways a Free Eaton Virtual Power Assessment Provides Value

Free virtual and on-site power assessments are available to all PowerAdvantage Partners. Offering an assessment to your customer can lay the groundwork for future equipment purchases and even recurring revenue. Partner Development Manager Dan Fenyak provides some key information to help make your next free assessment an easy “sale."

Eaton Strategic Alliances

Our strategic partnerships help you provide the ultimate power management solution. Eaton partners with the industry’s leading IT providers to help you gain a competitive advantage by managing power more efficiently and effectively. We offer validated power management solutions designed to integrate easily with technology from our alliance partners helping solve your unique business needs and propel growth. These solutions are then jointly delivered by our valued PowerAdvantage partners.